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Condition: Infertility

Dr. Peyvan is amazing.  I have been seeing Dr.Peyvan for some infertility issues. She has been so positive and supportive the whole time. She is so welcoming and put my mind at easy. I'm happy to say I am now expecting my first child and I know her treatments helped. I would recommend her services to anyone.

Condition: Side effects of radiation, Insulin resistance 

Dr. Peyvan is incredible. She is a warm, gentle woman who is nurturing and also extremely knowledgeable about her practice. She is able to help you understand what is going on in your body and how she is working with you to help take care of it. Going to acupuncture with her not only decreased side effects of radiation like tiredness, numb feet and hands, and inability to focus, but also improved my life in so many other ways. I'm feeling more balanced, my insulin resistance is more under control and I have felt happier emotionally. I believe if anyone is feeling imbalanced in any way, Dr. Peyvan is the absolute best person you can have on your side.

Condition: Herniated Disc

I could barley walk or stand upright, I did not know at the time but I have a herniated disc. The pain was unbearable  but just like magic Dr. Peyvan had me walking out the door just in one session.  I only began to get better since that day.  Ive had about 5 or 6 sessions since then.  She goes above and beyond for her patients.  She did not just help me with my back but with everything else too. I felt more energetic,  I started eating right.  And you really want to do well because she really cares about you.  Thank you so much!

Condition: Anxiety

"Well I am a little shy to admit this for everyone to see but I suffer from mild to moderate anxiety. If you're not familiar with what that feels like imagine a constant thunderstorm in your head with no thunder buddy to get you through. Long story short, I was decided that I would no longer let myself feel uncomfortable in my own life, so, I made the call. And let me tell you it's like I have a direct line to Wonder Woman!

So if you've never been before let me walk you through a typical first time visit. You'll fill out a fairly detailed patient chart, which Dr. Shady charmingly calls homework! And then before you know it Dr. Shady will ask to see your tongue and blow you away with what you came to see her for before even looking at your chart. You'll tell her what's bothering you and will actually give you a bit of a therapy session before then moving on to the needles. After the needles are in -which btw don't particularly hurt, they aren't the ones you get a shot with- you focus on you for 28 minutes. Afterwards you'll leave floating on air and feeling good about you and that yes, even you, can change.

Dr. Shady above all cares about her patients first and had even said to me before now you should come at blah time so I can spend a little more time on you. Who does that.? Let me tell you: she does. Dr. Shady has given me a whole bunch of new coping techniques which have greatly reduced my negativity and anxiety and have made me quite hopeful for myself.  I've probably only been going there about a month now and while you know I'm sure I will always be dealing with anxiety, but there is I'm not coping with it and fixing it. I am fixing it. Dr. Shady even randomly noticed I had the teensiest bit of hair loss and she's treating that too and believe it or not I've got little sproutlets back. I can't believe it but I've got to cause the evidence is literally in my face.

Dr. Shady is someone you just need in your squad to get to that better you.Just be open and talk out everything and just get it out there and you will get there."


Dr. Peyvan is amazing.  If you are looking for someone to really listen and most of all care for your well-being, then she is the perfect person to do just that. I completely recommend her to anyone looking to better their life and make positive changes. Namaste


Dr.  Peyvan is a wonderful person, healer and doctor. She makes all of her patients feel at ease.  She is a great listener, and clearly cares about curing your aliments. Next Friday will be my third session with Dr. Peyvan, and I am looking forward to it!

Condition: Back Pain, Sciatica

Dr. Shadye Peyvan is an excellent acupuncturist and PHD. Having both these attributes Dr. Peyvan can treat you for what is currently ailing you but wants to make sure your overall health and body is functioning properly.

I went to see Dr. Peyvan for back pain and sciatica but as I mentioned she was very interested in my overall health. Needless to say the sciatica was a no brainer and I was pain free after just two sessions. Actually I was pain free after the first session but I am very active and re injured it. And while I'm there for sciatica treatment lets treat  my hypertension and diabetes she says. And why not?   I see Dr Peyvan twice a month for treatment and I can say with certainty my blood pressure is down and so is my blood sugar. Because I am so amazed at these results I owe it to her and myself to keep healthy and eat right and exercise.
Thank you Dr Peyvan I look forward to my next visit.

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